If you are among the people who are suffering from diabetes, you are already aware of the many complications that it can have. However, because of the numerous complications, some people have failed to take diabetes seriously and get a handle on it. Though most of these complications can be controlled, if left untreated, diabetes can cause other problems and illnesses later on.

Complications of diabetes include stroke, heart attacks, kidney problems, eye diseases, renal failure, blindness, amputations, hypoglycemia, and hypothyroidism. So, if you are someone who is suffering from diabetes, you must make sure that you know about diabetes complications and how to cope with them.

Strokes are one of the most common complications of diabetes. A stroke is a type of blood clot and when this happens in a diabetic patient, the result can be fatal. The main cause of a stroke is due to an abnormal clotting of blood, but this does not mean that a stroke can only happen in diabetic patients.

When blood sugar levels are low, there is an increase in cholesterol in the body and it can lead to a thrombus that can block a blood vessel in the brain. When this happens, the blood vessel fails to get blood and as a result, this can lead to a brain injury. A stroke is often fatal, and it can also cause other serious problems, such as paralysis.

Heart attacks are another complication of diabetes. A heart attack can cause blood clots to form around the arteries that supply blood to the heart. This can lead to severe chest pain and the patient can pass out on the way to the hospital. It is then important to immediately seek medical attention if you think that you may have a heart attack or if you think that you have already had one.

Kidney problems can occur due to diabetes as well. Kidney failure can result in the loss of urine and the patient may feel as if he is urinating but cannot perform that function. Kidney problems are usually treated by dialysis and often lead to infection and disease of the kidneys.

Eye problems are very common in diabetics and blindness is the main reason why it occurs. Diabetic eyes have a tendency to react poorly to light and dark, and that is why they need the use of sunglasses. But since diabetics do not have enough melanin in their eyes, this leads to dark circles, which can make the eyes blurry and cause blurred vision.

Kidney problems can also be due to diabetes. Normally, diabetic patients do not suffer from infections of the kidney. However, since diabetics have no way of regulating their blood sugar levels, they may have a problem in getting the right amount of insulin into their bodies to allow for proper functioning of the kidneys.

Amputees can suffer from complications of diabetes. In diabetes, there is a high risk of amputation due to damaged skin, and diabetic patients are more prone to skin problems. The lower limbs are the most affected areas in diabetes and it is the lack of blood flow that can cause problems to the legs.

Hypoglycemia and hypothyroidism are some severe complications of diabetes that can lead to death. The former is caused by low blood sugar levels and the latter by excessive thyroid hormone levels in the body.

Complications of diabetes can lead to one of the four main conditions mentioned above. Though these conditions are not life-threatening, they can have severe consequences. People who suffer from diabetes should know about the complications of diabetes so that they can prevent these conditions and even cure them if they already exist.

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